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With the steady sales we do at Canadian Hockey Cards, we feel our pricing structure is right where it should be to offer this kind of selection at these discounted prices.  

People sometimes ask if they will get a discount, so here is our pricing structure and shipping costs to answer that question:    

Shipping:     Keep in mind what shipping costs are added when shopping for cards online on other websites. 
At Canadian Hockey Cards, orders under $10 will have $2 added. 
On orders over $10 shipping is included within North America.    
Stated shipping costs are within North America.  Overseas shipping will be extra, as will special delivery.

Card Prices: As you can probably appreciate with such a large site, it is impossible to keep up on the latest prices for every player and set.
So if you see something that you are looking for that is out of line to our pricing structure listed below, please let us know and we can adjust the prices accordingly for you and for future customers.
Generally on mainstream brand cards, our pricing is in the lower end of the range of what you would find from other online dealers.  
And when combined with our low or non-exisitant shipping prices, buying large amounts of cards here is very worthwhile.        

Oddball issues and McDonalds cards - no set pricing rule.  These kinds of cards are the most popular among collectors, either because of their limited availability in comparison to the mainstream brands, or in the case of McDonalds cards, it seems everyone in Canada collects them and they are always in demand.  Often the price guides can't accurately reflect a solid price range due on these kinds of items.  Our pricing is structured based on supply and demand and we pay little attention to the price guides on these type of cards.  This can mean that they could be higher or lower than the range displayed in the price guides, but you would be buying the cards at the prices that they are generally selling at.

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