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500-700 daily unique visitors during the hockey season -specifically targeted to "hockey cards"300-500 daily unique visitors during the off-season -specifically targeted to "hockey cards" 95% of all visitors are from the United States and Canada. Remaining 5% from European Union, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Japan,Brazil,Mexico and other Asian countries.


1) No pornographic sites, hate sites, religious sites, or gambling sites willbe accepted. Nor any site with objectionable material.Any site that sells primarily single hockeycards and would be in direct competition to us will not beaccepted.Sites dealing primarily in other sports such as baseball, soccer, football, golf etcare welcome.However sites dealing primarily in "role playing" games, or occultrelatedmaterials will not be accepted.

2) Payment for advertising will be collected in advance of the agreed period of time.

3) Only one site from a particular category of business will be displayed on any one page of our site. First come, first served.

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